Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Unitek College

http://www.unitekcollege.edu/instructor/ (Link may not load correct page)
Unitek College is currently hiring online general education instructors for the following courses:
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Courses use the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). Unitek College Instructors must be willing to engage in ongoing development of their teaching skills, to ensure continued professional development. Such development includes, but is not limited to, our own faculty development and mentoring programs.

Required Qualifications
  • Master's degree
  • At least 15 semester credit hours (or equivalent) in subject areas that are related to and support the General Education subject to be taught
  • Willing to engage in ongoing development
  • Experience or training in instructional methods and teaching skills

Monday, May 19, 2014

University of Fairfax

Under the coordination of the Dean of Academics, a University of Fairfax online instructor is responsible for adhering to 'best practices' in online teaching and delivery of course content.
Each online instructor should demonstrate and sustain expertise in the specific course that they are assigned to teach.
Each online instructor is required to adhere to course objectives and course syllabi. The instructor will make use of the approved textbooks and electronic/web resources and maintain consistency in grading and evaluation procedures.
The instructor will provide timely posting of course syllabus and course content, timely feedback on assignments, and posting of course grades. The expectation is that student inquiries shall be addressed within 24 hours. Each instructor will actively participate with their students regarding course content via phone or email contact, discussion board forums, chat, document sharing, web conferencing, and synchronized sessions.
Each instructor will participate in scheduled webinars or professional development activities as well as monthly faculty meetings.