Monday, January 5, 2009

Blue Mountain Community College
BMCC seeks applications year round for the Part-Time Instructor Pool. Assignment(s) may include day and/or evening courses, weekdays and/or weekends, face-to-face and/or distance-delivered instruction. This recruitment process is to qualify you for possible future teaching assignments. Successful completion will result in your name joining the pool of instructors qualified to teach at BMCC.Professional-Technical: Minimum Qualifications – Bachelor’s degree in field and /or certification by recognized national certifying organization and appropriate experience.Business (Must have professional credentials. Master's Degree preferred)College Prep (pre-College) reading, writing, math Computer Aided DraftingGED/ESL regular and correctional institutions assignments)Lower Division Collegiate:Minimum qualifications: Master’s degree in field or bachelor’s degree + 20 graduate hours in subject area.Economics Computer Science Early Childhood Education Mathematics Music (voice) Nursing PhilosophyPhysicsSpanish

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