Thursday, July 16, 2009

The International Academy of Design and Technology

The International Academy of Design and Technology located in Chicago (Loop), IL is a post secondary baccalaureate and associate degree-granting college dedicated to providing academic excellence in Merchandising Management, Advertising and Design, Computer Graphics, Information Technology, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Multimedia Production and Design.   

Through career-related and general curriculum, The Academy prepares its students for professional opportunities in their chosen fields. We seek qualified instructors with solid teaching experience during our Summer 2009 Quarter and beyond in the following subject areas:

General Education curriculum: 

Economics (Master's degree in Economics required)

Political Science (Masters Degree in Political Science required)

History of Art (Masters of  Fine Arts required)

Communications (Masters in Communications or Speech Communications)

A Master's degree with at least 18 hours in the area of instruction is required. If you desire to help tomorrow's industry leaders achieve their goals and dreams, please forward your resume to: 

IADT, Attn: HR/Faculty RecruitmentOne North State Street, 5th floorChicago, IL 60602 Email: 

Check us out at

Skills: College Level Online Teaching Experience, Online Teaching Experience, Delivery Methods, Principles, Techniques, & Methods of Instruction


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