Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alliant International University

General Teaching Position Expectations:

1)     Integration of Sustainability principles and frameworks into the content of the course

2)     Responsible for learning outcomes

3)     Responsible for design and management of 5 full day teaching sessions per semester (1 day per month) plus design and delivery of online learning content

4)     Responsible for all grading and evaluation

5)     Experience using online teaching platform (or willing to be trained)

6)     Attend 2-day summer curriculum development meeting

7)     Attend in-person Faculty meetings (two per semester)

8)     Participate in monthly Faculty meetings via conference call

9)     Hold regular office hours

10)  Advise students on projects and coursework

11)  Responsible for TA selection and training (if course qualifies for TA)


Qualified candidates are invited to submit their CV and a letter of interest for consideration by the Search Committee at

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