Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Education Consultants, Editors, & Statisticians
About the Job:
Editing-Writing.​ com needs education consultants (retired/​semi-retired or adjunct faculty), academic editors (APA style), and statisticians.​ Consultants, editors, and statisticians may be located anywhere in the US.​

Education consultants (thesis-dissertation advisors) must have doctorate and graduate committee experience, as chair or member.​ Academic editors must have Bachelor's degree and 5+​ years of APA editing experience.​ Statisticians must have masters/​doctorate in statistics, biostatistics, or psychometrics.​

Our consultants may be located anywhere in the USA.​ Work-at-home okay.​ This is a high-volume consulting network.​ Minimum availability of 20 hours/​week required.​  You must be fully freelance, retired, and/​or teaching no more than 2 classes on campus or online.​ Qualified applicants will be sent several scholarly writing and editing tests (approximately 30 minutes of time investment).​ There are no retests.​ Failed tests are not marked and returned.​  Preference will be given to applicants who are willing to commit long-term and who have online teaching/​freelance consulting experience.​ Consultants work directly with students/​clients.​

Education consultants needed in the following areas (listed in order of subject priority):

• Homeland security

• Criminal justice

• Nursing

• Business & Marketing

• Statistics (SAS, Stata, Statistica, Matlab, Minitab, Lisrel, HLM, R, Splus, GNU S)

• Psychology (various specialties)

• International Relations /​ International Business /​ Diplomacy

• Social Work (APA formatting expertise required)

• Urban Affairs

• Sociology /​ Anthropology

• Law /​ Legal Topics

• Travel /​ Tourism /​ Hospitality

• Mathematics

• Economics

• Finance

• Philosophy

• Women's Studies

• Latino Studies

• African American Studies

• Geography

Consultants must:

* be able to use Microsoft Word's tracking and comment features,
* be able to send and receive file attachments,
* have reliable Internet access plus primary and secondary e-mail addresses,
* be able to follow a university's guidelines (i.​e.​, style manual, handbook),
* be able to check e-mail several times each day (including once per day on weekends) and respond quickly, and
* be USA-based and speak English as a first language

1.​ Do not respond if you don't meet our minimum requirements.​

2.​ No phone calls

3.​ No hard-copy resumes

4. ​ No trainees /​ entry-level

5.​ Do not use the chat button on our sites to enquire about this posting

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