Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Catherine of Siena Virtual College

We are seeking a Course Designer and Website Technician dedicated to (a) designing and test-driving new gender studies courses; (b) recruiting and coaching faculty to make full use of our proven methodology for in-depth learning; (c) maintaining, improving, and periodically upgrading our reception wing ( http://www.catherinecollege.net ) and our classroom wing ( http://www.catherinecollege.net/moodle/ ); (d) expanding our outreach and increasing our enrollment (in collaboration with our Learning Team); and (e) keeping abreast of improvements in technology and pedagogy that have application to our world-wide enterprise.
Catherine of Siena Virtual College is an online educational enterprise. Hence, this position is open to persons everywhere (even outside North America and the UK). The chosen candidate may not have to relocate.

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