Monday, October 10, 2011

Turing College
Computer science course creators for intensive CS/SE curriculum. Courses will be delivered online and paced to each student, so must be comfortable building courses and delivering lectures in a video friendly format.
  • Design Course structure and syllabus
  • Create and record (in our studio, or using professional equipment) 20-25 recorded hours of video lectures per course.
  • Design exercises, quizzes and exams
  • No direct student interaction or grading is involved in the content creation, but is handled by a team of professors and T/As. We welcome the original content creators for that role as well, but is not required.
About Turing College:
We're a a tiny team trying to spark a revolution in how Computer Science is taught. We have built a learning system that delivers courses the way we, as certified geeks, want to be taught. It's fast paced, intensive, and very effective. We try to teach a balance of classical CS theory with modern SE practice to fully prepare our students for the rigors of professional software development.

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