Sunday, March 23, 2014

Health Institute online

CPC Set Training (anatomy, physiology and medical terminology; ICD 9; HCPCS Level II)
Pay rate: $1500 per day x(6) with a $1000 setup bonus
We're looking for an CPC Instructor to teach a six day comprehensive
course for students who are preparing to complete the certification
requirements for the CPC
*****The course will be FILMED/TAPED in our studios*****
Instructor will need to cover all curriculum requirements needed for students
to successfully prepare for certification.
What we need from instructor to prepare and teach this course follows:
  • Lecture
  • Powerpoint visuals of format and structure of class. (Outline of course)
  • Complete in-depth guidelines of the CPC in a Powerpoint format.
  • Explanations of coding systems and new coding tips.
  • Hands on CPC coding exercises. (Powerpoint format).
  • Case studies
  • Prepare Assessment questions for students to test their (proficiency).
  • Head Shot
  • Resume
  • Skype Interview
We will need the questions in a Word doc or digital format.
This course will be filmed for video purposes at a production studio.
Travel and lodging expense will be paid for.
Please send us your resume and contact info or call Darryl at 813-408-3242

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