Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Australasian College of Health Sciences

Australasian College of Health Sciences seeks part time online instructors for distance education instruction based from our Portland, Oregon campus. Preference will be given to Portland area instructors, but candidates with appropriate skills in the lower 48 states are also encouraged to apply. Varied curriculum of holistic health modalities including: herbal medicine, aromatherapy, holistic nutrition, homeobotanical therapy, flower essences; iridology.

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Listing updated 12/18/08:

Australasian College of Health Sciences Portland, Oregon seeks part time adjunct faculty for online instructing positions. ACHS offers graduate and undergraduate programs in a wide range of holistic health sciences including: anatomy and physiology, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, holistic nutrition, dynamic phytotherapy, homeopathy, flower essences; iridology. ACHS is currently accepting applications for all courses for 2009 academic year. In particular we require instructors for Anatomy and Physiology, Botany, Chemistry, Pathology, Aromatherapy and Nutrition. Candidates must possess: A masters degree in the field they are teaching (a PhD is preferred) from a school accredited by a US Department of Education recognized agency, two years teaching experience and subject knowledge is also required. Registered Dietitians are preferred for Nutrition programs and RN's, ND, MD's, DC's , L.Ac.’s, or DO's with online instruction experience will be considered for other subjects. Experience in an online learning platform such as eCollege is essential. (WebCT or Blackboard considered). Clinical experience is a plus. Instructors work with one or more cohort of students in a particular course, utilizing our online learning platform classrooms. Instructors are required to log in each day Monday through Friday and at least once in the weekend to provide prompt feedback to students. Excellent online communication skills are essential, including an ability to communicate with a variety of learner styles and adult students. Technical requirements: A current PC or Mac at your home (minimum specs: 64MB RAM, 1.2 GB free space on hard drive, windows XP or Mac OSX, MS Office, Internet Explorer 5.X, e-mail with file attachment capabilities). High-speed Internet service (DSL, cable modem, or ISDN) is advantageous as is a webcam. A faculty position at ACHS is the perfect complement to a clinical practice, allowing you to give back to the industry by fostering the knowledge and skills of students! Positive outlook, a desire to make a difference, coaching ability, problem solving mentality, and computer and web competency required. E-mail cover letter & resume to: dorenepetersen@achs.edu, or mail to: ACHS, 5940 SW Hood Ave., Portland, OR 97239.