Sunday, October 5, 2014

Radford University

Minimum Qualifications
All faculty must have at least a masters degree in the field/discipline in which they are teaching and preferably teaching experience in a course similar to the advertised position. In some cases, subject to approval by the Provost, a faculty member could be recommended for appointment based on substitution of significant experience for the degree. Specific to Art, faculty must have an MFA degree for studio art positions; an MA, PHD, or ABD for art history positions with ability to teach the survey, and teaching experience as a graduate TA or adjunct. Applicants should have an interest in teaching basic introductory level skills (especially foundations), art appreciation and survey level art history, and developing online instruction.

Preferred Qualifications
Teaching experience desirable;
Strong communication skills;
Experience assessing classes;
experience with online management systems (such as D2L);
Classroom management skills.

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