Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rutgers University

The Graduate Liberal Studies Program at Rutgers-Camden, an ONLINE inter-disciplinary Masters program in humanities and social sciences, is seeking experienced instructors in the following area:

Applicants must have doctoral level education in their field (PhD or ABD).
Applicants must have prior experience teaching online courses, graduate level preferred.
Applicants should preferably have online course material already prepared and ready for use in Rutgers online platform (eCollege).
Disciplines and specific focus are flexible. Preference is for inter-disciplinary approaches to topics. Courses should show technological and academic sophistication and creativity. Experience mentoring student research and writing is expected.
Applicants should send the following things:
1. Description of online teaching philosophy and experience
2. Student evaluation data from 2 online courses
3. Proposed online course syllabus, with sample of a weekly unit or module.
4. Academic CV
Application by e-mail preferred:
Stuart Charmé, Director
Graduate Liberal Studies Program
Rutgers University
429 Cooper St.
Camden, NJ 08102

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