Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

LFGSM is currently looking for adjunct (part-time) faculty members to teach the following courses:
  • 5100 Executive Success Skills
  • 5160 Global Business & Cultural Diversity
  • 5170 Economics
  • 5200 Innovation
  • 5230 Operations Management
  • 5820 Project Management
  • 5822 Social Media
  • 5849 Global Marketing

Lake Forest MBA faculty candidates must meet stringent criteria in three areas:

1. A proven track record of accomplishment. Candidates are generally from the ranks of senior management at mid-sized companies or Fortune 500 corporations. To qualify for consideration, you must have significant work experience in the subject area you would like to teach. This experience must be demonstrated in a current Linked In profile.

2. The ability to facilitate learning that helps others achieve results. We look for talented individuals who can clearly convey concepts and insights through business analysis, discussion, and experiential (action-based) learning techniques. Candidates must demonstrate the ability to present material in a manner that stimulates substantive discussion and encourages peer interaction. Seminar-style teaching experience is preferred. LFGSM utilizes a diverse set of teaching methodologies including:
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Case studies
  • Application of classroom material to workplace projects
  • Computer simulations and exercises
  • Team projects and presentations
  • Role play
  • Web-enhanced courses with online discussion groups
  • Self directed, fully online courses
3. Academic credentials. A master's or doctoral degree in a related field.

We are currently looking for individuals who meet the above criteria and who also have online teaching experience
To be considered for an adjunct faculty position, please submit a Faculty Application to

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