Saturday, November 19, 2011

Concorde Career Colleges, Inc

Concorde Career Colleges, Inc..


Position: Adjunct - Communications (Ground & Online)
Location: Kansas City, MO

Job Description:
1. Prepare for class starts by organizing student material and texts to be distributed.
2. Prepare lesson/unit plans and submit to the Academic Dean.
3. Organize and present subject matter in a meaningful way to students.
4. Develop course material and evaluation tools as needed, with approval of the Academic Dean.
5. Instruct classes as assigned.
6. Evaluate student progress.
7. Advise students at mid-term and term end with documentation.
8. Evaluate students on professionalism (appearance/dress code, attitude, cooperation)
9. Maintain student records, grades, and attendance. Post on permanent record sheets daily.
1. Master’s Degree in discipline required
Master’s Degree with 18 course hours of graduate level courses in related subject areas which support curriculum content.
2. Prior teaching experience preferred both brick and morter and on-line.

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